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Working Group Meeting in Bologna - 21.01.2012
In January 19th -20th, 2012 The University of Bologna in Italy hosted the regular working group meeting held in the framework of TEMPUS HESDeSPI “Higher Education System Development for Social Partnership Improvement and Humanity Sciences Competitiveness” project. From Georgian partners the meeting was attended by Indira Dzagania, the coordinator of the project, professor at Sokhumi State University, Manana Kuprava the member of the working group of the project and from Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Marine Aroshidze professor at Slavic Studies Department and working group members Irakli Kacadze, the Head of Economical and Social affairs Department and Nana Mazmishvili assistant-professor of European Studies Department. The main goal of the meeting held in January 19th was evaluation of the project status, present the results of activities implemented during the first year and share the obtained experience. Presentations conducted by the coordinators of each country were focused on the issues like cooperation with Ministries of Education, social partners’ involvement in the project activities, the results of the academic staff trainings in EU Universities and other achievements so far. Particular focus was made on the financial issues and the working plan for the next year of the project. The presentation was very helpful since several critical issues related to the future plans of the project have been clarified. The meeting in January 20th was opened by the representatives of International Relations Division of Bologna University. The presentation was related to the issues of policy for Internalization of Bologna University, willingness to collaborate with European and non-European Universities and Institutions and the current restructuring process in the educational system. Representatives of the International Relations Division expressed the great willingness and readiness to provide support for the students’ and staff mobility process. At the end of the meeting Professors Roberto Righi and Grandi conducted the presentation dedicated particularly to the visit paid to Sokhumi State University in Georgia, in November 2011. Special focus was made on project development and achievements in Georgia so far. The working meeting was absolutely important for sharing the experience obtained during the first year, making comparative analysis and defining relevant strategies and priorities for future activities in order to insure the effectiveness of the project.

On November 17-20 2011 the working group manager from ShotaRustaveli State University attended the meeting held at Sokhumi state University in the frameworks of Tempus project together with Italian partners Professor Roberto Righi (Coordinator) and Professor Stefano Grandi from Bologna University.

Scientific and Practical Conference - 27.06.2011
The scientific and practical conference Development of the Higher Education System for Improving the Social Partnership and Competitiveness of the Humanity Studies was held to improve the education programmes, human resources management, and to cover the cultural issues. The conference was arranged in the frame of the HESDeSPI project and it hosted professors from the various higher education institutes, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Quality Assurance Department, and the students. The conference lasted 5 days and was held in Shota Rustaveli State University, University of Art, Adjara Art Museum, and the Adjara AR Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport. The conference was open with the welcome speeches by Prof. Aliosha Bakuridze, Rector of RSU, Aida Abuseridze, the Deputy Minister of Education, Culture, and Sport, Prof. Indira Dzagania, the professor from Sockhumi State university and the local working group Coordinator, Prof. ermile Meskhia, rector of the University of Art and the working group member, and Prof. Marina Aroshidze Head of the RSU Slavonic Studies Department.

On June 04-12 2011 Professors AsmatArdzenadze and Marine Aroshidze conducted the Training Course in “Intercultural Relations” at ShotaRustaveli State University in the Frameworks of Tempus-IV.

On June 04-12 2011 Professor ErmileMeskhia and Marina Bagratia implemented the Training Course in “Management of Culture” and “Human Resources Management” at Batumi University of Art in the frameworks of Tempus -IV project.

On May 21-29 2011 Associated Professor ManucharLoria and Associated Professor GiorgiMasalkinidelivered the Training Course in “Modern Technologies in Humanitarian Sciences” at ShotaRustaveli State University in the frameworks of Tempus-IV project.

In the frameworks of tempus-IV project the intensive Training Course of Competence-building for the academic staff was held in Italy (Bologna University) on 2-15 May 2011 that was attended by Doctor of Philology Irma Zakaraia (Sokhumi State University) and Assistant Professor Nino Aroshidze (ShotaRusatevli State University).

On 2.13 May 2011 Capacity –building Training Course for the academic staff was held with participation of Georgian, the Ukrainian, Moldavian and Armenian representatives. Professor Romeo Galdava from Sokhumi State University and Professor AnzorBeridze from Batumi State University paid a coordination visit to Latvia

In the frameworks of Tempus-IV the Intensive Capacity-building  Training Course was held in Portugal in the period from 2 to 16 April 2011. Candidate for Master’s degree GvantsaJichoshvilifrom Sokhumi State University and Professor GiorgiMasalkini fromShotaRustaveli State University participated in the training.

On 22 September 2010 in the frameworks of the project of “Tempus” program “Higher Education System Development for Social Partnership Improvement and Humanity Sciences Competitiveness’ Sokhumi State University hosted the Coordinator Franz Steidele and LikaGhlonti, Head of the National Tempus Office in Georgia.

In the frame of the Tempus Programme, Project Higher Education System Development for Social Partnership Improvement and Humanity Sciences Competitiveness, the working groups consisting of the representatives from the 5 project member countries visited Bologna University, Italy in the period from 13 September to 17 September 2010, in order to get introduced to educational methodologies and study programmes related to the social and cultural studies. The guest countries consisted of Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, and Georgia. The latter was represented by Project Coordinator in Georgia, Prof. Indira Dzagania from Sokhumi State Unviersity and Assistant Professor Nino Aroshidze from Shota Rustaveli State University >>>


On 9-11 September 2010, in the frame of the Project Higher Education System Development for Social Partnership Improvement and Humanity Sciences Competitiveness (No. 159338–TEMPUS–1-2009-1-LV-TEMPUS-SMHES) Minho University, Braga, Portugal hosted the study visit attended by Romeo Galdava, the Associate Professor of Sokhumi State University, Deputy Head of the Quality Assurance Service and Nana Mazmishvili, Assistant Professor of Shota Rustaveli State University.>>>



August 10, 2010. Tempus Project - HESDESPI coordinator in Georgia, Professor Indira Dzagania visited the rector of Shota Rustaveli State University Professor Aliosha Bakuridze and teachers and introduced to them the working plan and the nearest prospects of the project. The aim of the tempus project (HESDESPI) “Development of Higher Education System to Increase Social Partnership and competitiveness of Humanities” is to insure the high quality of the

March 2010, Brussels.
The first coordinating meeting of the members of Tempus Project Higher Education System Development for Social Partnership Improvement and Humanity Sciences Competitiveness (HESDeSPI) attended by the Project Coordinator in Georgia Indira Dzagania.

13-14.05.2010, Riga, Latvia.
The meeting was held by Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA) between the representatives of all partner universities under Higher Education System Development for Social Partnership Improvement and Humanity Sciences Competitiveness (HESDeSPI).
During the meeting all partner universities presented their information about their universities (see the slide-show on Batumi University), Sniedze Ioma summarized the initial research and the status of the working packets. The participants discussed the general development plan of the research. Robert Rigney, Bologna University Coordinator (Italy), presented research model. Financial and Adminsitrative issues were further discussed. The Georgian side was represented by Sokhumi State University, Indira Dzagania, Romeo Goldava and Gvantsa Chichoshvili, and Shota Rustaveli State University – Marine Aroshidze



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