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Students’ Self-Government Institution

Student’s self-government was elected on the basis of the universal, equal elections where students were elected according to the faculties. It has got its own budget. (1st university building, room № 18).

Student’s Self-Government aims:
• To promote students’ rights and interests, help them in practical realization;
• To help students get higher education; develop their professional skills and realize themselves;
• To ensure student participation in university management;
• To support students’ initiative and the realization of their projects;
• To organize scientific arrangements;
• To direct publishing activities;
• To support the activities of sport teams and circles;
• To organize exhibitions, literature and creative evenings, appointments with famous people;
• To support student exchange programs and form close relationship with foreign student organizations;

Scientific Society
Scientific Society is the union of students executing scientific programs. Scientific conferences, symposiums and different cognitive arrangements are held under its guidance. The organization supports the publication of the scientific works by the students.

Initiative and Project Management Agency
The agency holds some trainings in order to develop project writing skills. It has its own budget that is used to finance the students’ initiative and projects.

Charity Service
This organization deals with charity issues not only in university but in other institutions as well. The organization helped one student in getting the sum of money needed for the urgent operation. It also covered the expenses for the students incurred losses in Gori, arranged the charity action for homeless children on the New Year’s Eve.

Cultural Service
Poetry evenings, meetings with the famous people from the cultural and sport sphere, CFS traditional competitions, intellect games – “What? When? Where?”, “Brain Ring”, “Parliamentary Debates”, etc. are held under the management of the cultural service. It organizes tours of the student theatre.

Sport Committee
Sport committee organizes a lot of traditional sport events: the competition for the student’s self-government Cup in wrestling and mini-football has been held.
Batumi State University group became the member of the gym and beach volley-ball federations.

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