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Department of Student Service and Support

This department presents a subsidiary unit that plays an important role to facilitate relationship between the administration, students and student organizations.

The main functions of the above department can be singled out as follows:
- To conduct consultation service for students
- To carry out student educational, scientific and cultural projects
- To contribute to student employment
- To assist disabled students or the ones with limited abilities to get integrated in the university life and help them to solve problems
- To conduct trainings in regard with educational and academic subjects
- To prepare and carry out various social projects to support students

In the constituent part of the above department there is also included the culture and sport centre the main functions of which are as follows:
- to organize and arrange cultural events
- to form student and group circles in different aspects of art
- to organize and hold competitions in culture and art
- to support and facilitate creative groups and university bands
- to propagate the healthy life pattern in university
- to organize and conduct sport competitions
- to form and prepare teams in different kinds of sport
- to form sports educational circles

The following sections function in the Sport and Culture Centre:
• choreographic ensemble “Tbeti”;
• variety art circle;
• modern dance circle;
• football combined team;
• beach volley-ball combined team;
• student theatre “Dasi” (“group”)
• CCS (club of cheeful and smarts) group “White Dove”

Programs granting social immunity
Orphan students are free of university fees;
Advanced students, lacking social maintenance get the grant from the university budget to help them pay their fees;

• Advanced students get the scholarship in the amount of 100 GL;
• Advanced students advanced in their research work get nominal scholarship in the amount of 150 GL;

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