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Technological Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Shota Rustaveli State University (former Batumi Polytechnic Institute of Georgian Technical University) represents the main center of higher technical education in Ajara Autonomous Republic.

In 1938 a Teaching-Consultation Center of Georgian Polytechnic Institute was opened at Batumi Industrial College with correspondence form of learning. There was only one specialty at the Batumi teaching center – civil and industrial engineering.

In 1950s the Batumi Teaching-Consultation Center of Georgian Polytechnic Institute was considerably expanded. New specialties were opened, the number of students increased. In 1952 there were 15 students enrolled at one specialty of the Batumi Teaching-Consultation Center while in 1953 their number reached 75. By 1955 there were three specialties at1950s the Batumi Teaching-Consultation Center of Georgian Polytechnic Institute: Civil and Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, El-Networks and Electrical Supply with 312 students enrolled.

In 1967 the Batumi Teaching Center was made into evening classes’ faculty and the number of students increased up to 700. In 1972 160 students of different specialties defended their diploma theses for the first time in Batumi. The defense procedure was attended by professors, consultants, project supervisors and representatives of enterprises and organizations.

In 1980 the Batumi evening faculty of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute was treabmsfered into the Batumi Branch with three Chairs: Chair of Social Sciences, General Technical Chair №82 and General Technical Chair №83.

In 1990 the Georgian Polytechnic Institute became Technical University and its Batumi Branch correspondingly became the Institute. The following year the full time faculty was opened for the first time and the Chair of Economics №119 was formed.

By the Decision №37 of 23 February, 2006 (Article 3) of the Georgian Government and RSU Rector’s Order №1-77 of 5 June, 2006, after the reorganization of the Batumi Polytechnic Institute the faculty of Engineering and Technology was formed at the Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. Out of the earlier existing four chairs two departments were formed: department of Engineering and Civil Engineering and department of Technologies and Management.

At present there are 355 students at the faculty, 5 full professors, 10 associate professors, 8 assistant professors and 25 visiting specialists.

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